Why go on a yoga retreat?
We all get caught up in taking care of everyone else and neglecting to take care of ourselves. A Yoga Retreat with Cat is your opportunity to practice and enjoy self-care in the midst of connecting to nature, good food, good people, and of course, good yoga! The combination of these core aspects will help you reset your mind, clear stress out of your system, and rejuvenate your Spirit. You will return to your world feeling stronger, lighter, and more clear-minded than before.

What does each retreat offer?
Every retreat is founded on 4 pillars – Learn, Recharge, Relax, and Connect. Learn life tools that you can integrate into your life when you return to your world. Recharge your whole body by nourishing it with nature, food, and yoga. Relax through meditation and enjoying the amenities offered on-site. Connect to your community and make lasting friendships.

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