mat2mat (on demand video classes)

I can stay connected with all of you, no matter where you are in the world. I know how challenging it can be to make it to an in-person yoga class. These classes will help you keep up your practice and make time for you. My goal is to help you breathe, feel, and focus – three vital pillars in my own life. I currently have two different channels – one for Forrest Yoga classes and one for Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga.

CAT ALLEN CHANNEL: This channel contains short and full-length Forrest Yoga classes. Click here to subscribe.

POPPY PERINATAL CHANNEL: This channel contains short and full-length pregnancy and postpartum yoga classes. Click here to subscribe.

Live Streaming Video Classes

I am teaching live streaming video classes via Zoom throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. I usually stay a few minutes after class to answer any questions.

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Yoga International (on demand video classes)

I have 5 online classes available to you on Yoga International. There are three 60-minute classes and two 30-minute classes.

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Free Audio Classes on Soundcloud

It’s my pleasure to bring you 16 FREE full-length audio recordings of my Forrest Yoga classes in Houston, TX. These practices are for Intermediate to Advanced Level practitioners who are familiar with Forrest Yoga poses. I recorded these back in 2013 and 2014. They are available to anyone who wants a strength-building and sweaty practice. Bon appetit!

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Free Silent Forrest Yoga Classes

This is my YouTube channel where I’ve published silent video Forrest Yoga classes intended for yoga practitioners who have a Forrest Yoga practice. I call out the pose name, but you instruct yourself through it.

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